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Revisión de SoundCloud

by Jimmy Duino

Descubra la nueva música gratuita de artistas prometedores

SoundCloud es el mejor sitio web de transmisión de música para estar al tanto de los nuevos y futuros artistas. Los usuarios de todo el mundo pueden cargar sus propios archivos de audio y canciones para que los escuche sin costo alguno.

Una vez que comiences a reproducir algo, puedes navegar por el sitio web de SoundCloud, pero aún así controlar la reproducción desde el reproductor multimedia emergente que siempre se muestra en la parte inferior del sitio web. Si le dice a SoundCloud qué música le gusta, recopilará nuevo contenido en la  sección Descubrir de su cuenta.

El sitio web está libre de interrupciones comerciales y es muy fácil de usar para escuchar música y encontrar nuevas pistas para reproducir. 

Además de ser utilizado a través de un navegador web , SoundCloud funciona a través de aplicaciones móviles para dispositivos Android, iPhone, iPad y iPod touch. Vea la página de SoundCloud en Mobile para enlaces de descarga.


  • Lots of content
  • Constant, fresh uploads
  • No advertisements during songs
  • Scrubbing support means you can move back and forth through songs
  • You can listen to music without creating a user account
  • App has a minimalist design and is very simple to use
  • Your account can be used from more than one device at once
  • Your own audio files can be uploaded
  • Also has podcasts


  • You won’t find the same songs you’ll get with other music streaming services

More Information on SoundCloud

  • New music can be found through genres such as Dancehall, Disco, Ambient, Country, Alternative Rock, Metal, Indie, Classical, Dubstep, Trance, World, Deep House, and others
  • You can also find music on SoundCloud using the Charts page to quickly find the top 50 songs as well as what’s new and hot
  • The country filter lets you pick music uploaded by people in different countries like Canada, Netherlands, United States, Germany, etc.
  • When searching for tracks, you can filter them by when they were uploaded, length, and license, such as ones you can use commercially or ones you can share
  • Custom playlists can be built
  • Songs you “like” are collected together for you to access again
  • The number of times a song has been played and liked are shown below each post on SoundCloud’s website
  • You’re able to follow other SoundCloud users to stay up to date on their new uploads
  • A repeat button lets you play the same track over and over
  • The desktop version of SoundCloud recommends users to follow based on your listening activity, and you can connect to your Facebook account to follow friends who are on SoundCloud
  • Users can leave comments through the website
  • You can share what you’re listening to with others over social media sites and email
  • Keyboard shortcuts (via the H key) let you quickly control playback on the desktop site

My Thoughts on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a really neat idea because it provides a place for new artists to share their music but also for the rest of us to find new and interesting sounds and songs to stream.

I really enjoy using the mobile app. I’ve only used the iOS version, which means I wasn’t able to upload my own audio, but listening, searching, and saving music was a breeze. There are only a few buttons on the bottom of the screen, and the menu for finding music by genre is easily accessible via a dropdown menu.

When logged in, the homepage for SoundCloud shows the latest posts made by the people you’re following, which is a great way to start using the site because you can instantly see updated from the people you’re interested in.

Lost of websites like SoundCloud will play commercials during songs, which can be very frustrating. Fortunately, you can listen to music free from advertisements, which isn’t something you can say for most other other similar sites.


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